About us

A new Gothic Shop for Hamburg – Nyctophilia!

Hamburg has a quite large and active Gothic scene, also in Germany comparison – at least as far as concerts and parties are concerned. Unfortunately, there no longer is a large selection of goth-friendly shops in town. Marktstrasse, the former alternative shopping street, has changed a lot in recent years. But where are the goths going in bright daylight? Most aren’t hiding in their coffins the whole day. Maybe they are taking a walk across our famous Ohlsdorf cemetery?

Wouldn’t it be great if there also was an indoor meeting point for our scene in Hamburg and northern Germany during the day? That is why the Nyctophilia Shop combines black clothing and accessories with a lot of space and a cozy seating area. There is plenty of room here for social events, relaxed shopping and a cozy get-together in a dark, aesthetic atmosphere.

Nyctophilia simply means “love for the night”: a preference for dark aesthetics, the mystical and eerie brings together many different people in a subculture, which we like to call our goth scene. Whether you describe yourself as goth, dark punk, batcaver, waver or industrial dancer or you don’t want to define yourself under a label – anyone who likes to dress in darkness, like us, is very welcome.

By the way, your two hosts are Elli (33) and Chrissi (32). We have both been active members of the Hamburg goth community for several years now. To make our contribution to a lively gothic scene in Hamburg, we opened our shop on October 26, 2019. Elli is a trained retail sales assistant, Chrissi is mainly responsible for marketing. Björn, Christian and Nana have also been part of the team from the start. They have built our own Gothic Shop with us and are there for you every day.

For all those who cannot make it to Hamburg, our shop is also available online of course 🙂. A visit to our beautiful harbor town and the Nyctophilia Shop is of course always worth it!

Nyctophilia Gothic Shop Team